People want to buy from companies that they believe care

When people engage with your stories you can create beliefs by showing them how you came to believe something. That ‘why’ is important to you and your business and your customers want to hear about it.
Instead of boring prospective customers by blathering on about yourself and your business try using stories to convey your expertise, relevance, humanity, and values. What challenges are faced?

Tell this story and provide the context so your customers and stakeholders understand why your service or product is worth buying/investing in. If the story can, without forcing, demonstrate the company values and ethos then this is the best ambassadorial tool any company can aspire to have. While these efforts over the years have certainly been valiant, the fast-changing landscape of technology and the evolution of attention spans have created a demand for something more. When people listen to a story, they feel what the protagonist of the story is feeling so a good way of using a story to connect with an audience is to tell a story about a mistake you/the company made, a failure or maybe life wasn't going well for you or the company in the past.

People want to buy from companies that they believe care i.e. empathetic companies. Visual storytelling has been around for a long, long time. Ensure that you keep this story consistent across all mediums e.g. Don’t try to fool your audience with an over-the-top tale. Stories help us manage the chaos and turn it into something we can understand and follow. So transfer your vision into a captivating story and clearly communicate it using a sincere marketing strategy.

Storytelling in business is an essential cultural tool for determining what work really needs to be done. Did you manage to get someone somewhere they needed to be when all the odds were against them? Different types of story require different structural considerations and different ways of telling. At its most basic, a visual story is a narrative that’s told with the help of visual media, such as photos, videos, or illustrations. When you are reading or hearing a story, your brain will react in a whole other way and simultaneously activate up to seven areas at once.